The PROFNIT Publication Calls occurs annually and invite specialists from society in general, who may be PROFNIT teachers or not, to contribute to the training of PROFNIT students through the production of reference material.

The proposals are reviewed by at least two blind reviews.

The  Editorial Board  coordinates the process and ensure the high quality of the material produced.

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Partnership with EDIFBA

FORTEC and the Editor of the Federal Institute of Bahia (EDIFBA) signed an agreement for the production of didactic material and scientific and technological dissemination, disseminating activities of research, technological development and innovation.
Distribution is free of charge for downloading the homepages of EDIFBA, FORTEC and PROFNIT / FORTEC.
All publications are appreciated by the Editorial Board of PROFNIT / FORTEC with the support, guidance and consent of EDIFBA, guaranteeing the high quality of the published material.